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The mission of Morning Star Obstetrics and Gynecology is to promote the dignity and well-being of women by providing exceptional obstetrics and gynecology services. We aim to preserve and restore the integrity of the body and soul, support each woman in her state in life, serve with humility, respect fertility, and uphold the sacredness of human life.

Preserve and restore the integrity of the body and soul.
Health requires attention to the entire person, so we provide the best in current medical and surgical therapies to manage physical conditions and gently address spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and psychological concerns, providing referrals when indicated. We pray for our patients and with them as appropriate. We also provide routine screening for health maintenance and encourage our patients to adopt healthy behaviors.

Support each woman in her state in life.
Whether providing prenatal care to ensure a safe delivery or listening to and educating patients during well-woman visits, our services are meant to support each woman in her particular state in life. We recognize that women, present and active in all aspects of life, have a powerful, unique and dignified role in nurturing humanity.

Serve with humility.
It is a privilege to serve our patients, and we endeavor to be truly present to those who come to us for care. All are welcome. We maintain a bilingual environment of English and Spanish.

Respect fertility.
Fertility is a gift, a power, and a responsibility. Our therapies cooperate with and seek to restore the body's functioning. We support and advise couples in the use of natural family planning not only to help in the treatment of many gynecologic problems including infertility but also to strengthen their marriages and families.

Uphold the sacredness of human life.
We recognize the dignity of each person, especially the most vulnerable: the sick, the poor, the unborn, and the elderly. Women in crisis pregnancies are received with compassion. We do not provide or recommend abortion, euthanasia, sterilization, or contraceptive services. More and more women are being hurt or having significant side effects from these services, and they deserve better.

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3499 S. Mercy Road
Gilbert, AZ 85297
Phone: 480 355 8525
Fax: 480 355 3115

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Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 5:30pm

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