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Patient Resources

Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is an umbrella term for healthy, effective methods used to achieve or avoid pregnancy that are based on observing certain naturally-occurring signs in the woman that indicate fertile and infertile phases of her menstrual cycle. There are several different methods of NFP offered at Morning Star OB/GYN. Each method offered boasts 99% effectiveness rates at postponing pregnancy when used properly, the same as hormonal contraception, yet without the chemicals.

All sessions are taught individually (only one couple and the instructor). Over 15 major insurance plans that we accept cover the cost of the classes as preventive care for family planning. The supplies fee, however, is the responsibility of the couple. Additional consultations and refreshers are also available as needed.

Below you will find links to photos and examples of the NFP methods we offer at Morning Star:

  • Billings Model
  • Creighton Model
  • Family of the Americas
  • Sympto-Thermal

    Here's a guide to help you discern which NFP method is right for you.

    Take the NFP Quiz if you're still not sure what method might be right for you!

    Benefits of NFP:

    • Daily knowledge of fertility status (99% effective at postponing pregnancy)
    • Very inexpensive or free to learn and use
    • No harmful side effects
    • Can be used from the onset of puberty until menopause
    • No need for regular cycles! Can be used with irregular cycles, the postpartum and breastfeeding time even when a woman is not cycling, and premenopause
    • Can help pick up underlying causes of infertility or other medical problems
    • Shared responsibility for fertility between a husband and wife

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